day in and day out


I can’t believe it is already the end of July!

Almost two months have passed and the time is just flying by. My life in Haiti continues to reveal the hardship these people endure day in and day out, but also the grace and love of God. He proves Himself faithful everyday. People are hungry. They are thirsty. They are desperate. But, God is faithful. Day in and day out.


aunt Bert with the 2 boys!

This past week my aunt Bert and three ladies from Sioux Center, Iowa came to join in on the fun in Haiti. Bert spent her 55th birthday teaching me how to drive my dad’s stick-shift truck. We laughed as she mentioned, “I never thought I would spend my 55th birthday teaching my 22-year-old niece how to drive a stick-shift in Haiti!”

I feel a little more Haitian now that I can drive a stick-shift. I feel like a free woman, even drove on the highway today!

I also became a little more Haitian a few days ago when I bought a donkey! I had spotted the little guy a week ago, and joked about wanting a donkey. I saw the owner tying up the mom and baby donkey in the middle of Simonette, so I approached him and asked “how much would your baby donkey be?” I did it more to get a good laugh out of my friends, but the nice guy finished the conversation with “kile ou pral pran li? (when will you come take him?)”


man I bought the donkey from

I said I would have to talk to Webert first! I went home and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted that cute little donkey on the corner! We drove into Simonette, as a big game of soccer was happening. The whole village laughed as we caught the donkey and tied him up. One man asked, “You’re really buying a donkey? Ou fou! (You’re crazy!)”

I think that even if I’m not a good donkey owner, I at least brought some good laughter to the community. Now, I pass by and everyone asks “kijan ti bourik ou? (how is your little donkey)” and I say, “tre byen (very good)!” with a big smile on my face!

Arthur the donkey is great. I laugh as he greets me in the yard every morning.

Driving a stick-shift, buying a donkey, speaking in a foreign language, learning the ways of the Haitian people. I’m beginning to feel more at home day by day.

I’m blessed by all your support, your continued comments and prayers, and also your response to my last post. I will be updating soon on the progress of Marantha’s house! God is faithful, I will tell you that much.

Day in and day out. The Lord is faithful. (Arthur agrees!)


my donkey Arthur!