Hi. My name is Kayla Raymond. I am 27 years old and originally from Iowa in the United States. I moved to Haiti full-time in June 2012 and have been wearing many hats in our ministry ever since.

The most beautiful role I have in life is being a wife to a handsome fella named Webert. We will celebrate our third wedding anniversary January 4, 2017. I also get to be called mama by four little ones: Jeffte, Loveson, Wishla and Rubie Jo. We welcomed Rubie Jo to our family on October 11, 2016.


I have many roles for my family’s non-profit: Touch of Hope. The largest role I play is overseeing the Starfish Program. The Starfish Program exists to equip mothers – who are unable to meet their child’s most basic needs and willing to  abandon their child at an orphanage gate – with the tools to keep their families together. We admit women into the program with the end goal of them having a safe housing situation, a means to have an income, a way for all of their children to be in school and a spiritual understanding of their worth and identity in Christ. Running the Starfish Program is by the far the most challenging role I have, but it’s one of the most rewarding roles. Being a mother myself I could never fathom having to abandon one of my own at an orphanage gate, so knowing I am equipping a woman with the tools to keep her own is eternally rewarding.

For more information on the Starfish Program and to make a donation to this program: click here.

Lastly, I am the owner of Rosie’s Boutique: a gift shop, located in Cabaret, promoting 100% Haitian made goods from local artists and projects. See the Rosie’s page for more information.







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