Vi Bella: a beautiful life


Today was spent celebrating two years of ViBella. Two years of living out beautiful lives. Two years of making beautiful things and taking pride in them. And, two years of becoming one big family.

It really did seem like we were family today. We cooked together, sang together and laughed together, which are things that usually take place everyday at work but, today we got to just hang out as family. We got to goof off a little more than usual, too!!

We borrowed a small fishing boat with a motor and adventured out to a nearby island. One lady clenched my hand because she was scared of the waves and had never been on a boat before and another jumped off the boat while it was still going!

Some learned how to play UNO while others cooked their specialty salads and fried chicken. Some took naps on the front porch, while others swam. I loved on our 8-months-old ViBella baby (who is also my god daughter!) while others tried to conquer the game Jenga.

It felt like we were family.

Before the meal, each lady was gifted a piece of ViBella jewelry and they all modeled off their pieces. We chatted about how excited we are because next month one of our sisters, Viola, will be getting married. We are going to call it a Vi Bella wedding.

Before the meal we also took a moment to worship and pray. The song we sang translated to Our God is Faithful, with those lyrics repeated over and over. And I couldn’t think if a better way to describe Vi Bella.

It all started with a brave woman who was faithful to God’s calling in her life to start the ministry. But, it has been God’s faithfulness that has created such a firm foundation and kept Vi Bella going. I see His faithfulness in the way He provided jobs to each specific woman, how He was faithful and provided a job for my personal journey, how He continues to be faithful in the provision and growth for the company of Vi Bella and how He stays faithful to us each and every day. Not just the days we celebrate anniversaries, but the days that we struggle and barely get by…He is there on those days, too.

Today was a good day, a beautiful day in fact. And life here is a lot more beautiful because of Vi Bella.

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Pictures from the festivities:







Love from Haiti.