a surprised ending!

Yesterday was the celebration to mark the end of our school year, it was quite the year, but we survived it!

We celebrated by having a large preschool graduation celebration at my house. Over 300 people gathered in our yard to Watch our 52 Preschool 3 students graduate. Our Preschool 2 students also celebrated. Everyone had special outfits made, Preschool 3 dressed in light blue and Preschool 2 in yellow.

Loveson chowing down after the festivities

Loveson chowing down after the festivities

I'm a proud mama!

I’m a proud mama!




Webert had informed me the night before that I was to be the god mother for the event (it is custom in Haiti to have a god mother and god father for an event such as this)

I was mentally preparing to give a nice little talk to encorage the parents to believe in their childrens’ dreams even at the Young ages of 3, 4 and 5. So, when Webert called me to the stage I was ready, but he had something else in mind! And around the corner out walked a line of preschoolers holding signs that spelt out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Jeffte led the line, carrying the “W” and Loveson held up the rear with the “?” mark! I cried like a baby!

Jeffte handing me the first letter

Jeffte handing me the first letter

Needless to say, I was surprised, shaky and crying like a baby! It was an incredible way to end the school year and an awesome way to involve our students, parents, friends and community! So, I guess let the wedding planning begin!

I just wanted to say a special thank you to my awesome sister and best friend, Megan, for helping Webert pull it off. And to my new friend Karri Mars for capturing all of the moments!