becoming unstuck: part 2

So, I’ve been cultivating. Allowing God to work in me. Showing me where I need to plow and work.

I’m working on becoming¬†unstuck and trying to find the purpose in the day.

I want to be made new.
Not once. But daily. Working daily to be made more of Him and less of me.

I want to be made into that person He created me to be.

The devil’s been a workin’ too, because he’s been making me feel that I’m not doing it right. So, I’ve been workin’ on tossing all the rocks and pulling all the weeds. Garden keeping is not as easy as some make it seem.

I’ve been praying with each new morning that I may see who and how and what He wants me to be.

Then, it happens. In an every day moment, I see Him finally smiling down on me. Showing me how He is actually somewhat pleased.

We are pulled up to the countertop, my kids and I, eating some homemade pizza. We are laughing and talking about our days. Loveson’s raving over the pizza as he grabs his third piece. Wishla is sucking every ounce of sauce off her piece and Jeffte is licking his fingers clean. Nothing better than pepperoni pizza drenched in ranch dressing.

We are safe. We are happy. We are healthy. We are full. We are clothed. We are family.
So many miracles happened to make all of this possible. Leaps of faith were jumped and healing occurred not physically, but spiritually as God made us a family.

And that’s it, I’m a momma to these three kids. How could I not see how happy God is whenever He sees us sitting down for dinner? Magic happens at the dinner table. We are together. We have made it through another day. We are alive and well.

For me, it’s being a momma to three abandoned babies. For you, it may be showing up to class every day to teach a room full of kids. It may be you being the only witness at work or on the football field. It may be being a single mom, or a graphic designer in a cubicle, or the boss’s assistant. Wherever you are, in that place you can be all that God has intended you to be.

Loveson prays:

Thank you for mom. Thank you for Wishla. Thank you for Jeffte. Thank you for papa. Thank you for my bed and food. Amen.

It’s that easy. The faith of a child. Work in me to have a childlike faith.

Thank you for working in me Lord and making me sit for a moment at the dinner table and realize how so very good You are to me. I have never felt more loved by you than I did last night at the dinner table. Thanks for showing up and working in me and showing me how simple life should be lived. Thank you for the beauty in every day moments.

Thank you for allowing me to be enough just the way I am. I come to you with my rocks, my sins, my dusty feet and worn out self. Thank you for forgiving me and making my load lighter. Thank you for giving my soul some rest, for I am tired from all the cultivating. Use me in all the ways You intend.

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

-Matthew 11:29-30