Jeffte’s last day of school

by Kayla Raymond

A year ago I barely knew Jeffte. Now, I hear him laughing in the background and I can’t imagine my life without him. Even though I haven’t actually spent that much time with him, since I was in America most of the past year, I feel like I’ve known him his whole life.

Last July I feared for his life, as I watched him battle a severe intestinal infection from worms. I remember walking into the orphanage and asking my mom “are we going to watch this little boy die?” It took us 7 days before we finally believed he was better.We learned quickly that he has an incredible drive in life, must be how he survived those first rough years in the orphanage. Jeffte’s personality brightens up the room and he gets along with everyone. In school, in Simonette, at Tytoo, wherever we go, people are always calling for him.

Webert and I have gone through a lot to get him in our custody, and still are currently working on the final legal papers, but I know that God has it all figured out for us. I know He handpicked Jeffte out for Webert and I and He has an incredible plan for Jeffte’s life. We ask you to pray for Jeffte and for the final legal papers to be a smooth and quick process for us.

Today, Jeffte finished his first year of school. I couldn’t help but be filled with joy as I took this picture. I remember when Webert sent me his first day of school picture over the phone, and I got to be here to take his last day of school picture.

I praise God for what He has done in Webert, Jeffte and my life. I praise him for healing Jeffte and giving him the drive that he has in life. I praise him for blessing us with Lovenson, who has quickly found his place right into our little family. I praise Him for His perfect and wonderful plan. I praise him for revealing his plan to me day-by-day, and equipping me as I need to be.

So, today I’m celebrating Jeffte. I’m celebrating Jeffte’s young life and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him in the future.