Hurricane Isaac

by Kayla Raymond

Although I’m home in the states, I just wanted to give everyone an update that all our loved ones in Haiti are safe. Webert said some trees fell in the village of Simonette, but not a lot of damage done.


It looks like the storm has officially passed them, but I just ask you to keep the people of Haiti in your prayers, especially the people living in tents and shacks. Living and sleeping on the dirt floor, a lot of rain can turn their “beds” into mud puddles. A lot of rain also causes a lot of standing water on the roads due to their lack of any type of sewer system. Standing water and puddles becomes the perfect place for mosquitoes to multiply and the threat of cholera and malaria to rise.


The little things we take for granted here in the States can become life-threatening risks to the lives of Haitians. So, continue to keep them in your prayers.