first day of school

by Kayla Raymond

First official day of school was nothing short of amazing. Instead of having a traditional first day, the staff decided they wanted to have a “thanksgiving” service instead. To celebrate the start of the fifth year, over 500 students with their proud parents gathered on the mountaintop to praise God for what He has done. Five years ago Webert started a very small school with 36 students, today we stand in awe of His work.

first day of school, what a sight!

morning prayer in a sea of grey and yellow


fun with friend

barrettes and bows of orange

Thank you for keeping the school in your prayers, we are very excited for the school year and what it has in store! For information on how to get involved and how to sponsor a child please visit the Touch of Hope page on my blog and like “Touch of Hope Haiti” on Facebook to see more pictures!