move-in day!

by Kayla Raymond

It happened about four months ago: I was sitting on the beach in Haiti when God called me to tell the story of a family in need. I told their story and the response was incredible. This past Monday was a day I will never forget, because the Noel family officially moved into their new home. (refer back to “Marantha needs your Attention” to read the original blog). The Noel family has stolen a special part of my heart and I’m so glad I can write their story.

new house with new beds!

Their new house not only represents hope for a new beginning, but it is an incredible story of God’s undeniable faithfulness and His radical provision. This house wasn’t built by chance or for any random purpose. When the Lord told me to write about this family on that afternoon on the beach, he proved Himself faithful to me when He provided over $9,000 (three times more than what I asked) for the project. As e-mails and checks came my way, I heard stories of how God was proving Himself faithful in other people’s lives.

One donor had just received an unexpected new job with a high pay raise and wanted to dedicate the first paycheck to the home. Another donor had been blessed when selling a condo and wanted to give some of that blessing to the home. Other donors just felt the Lord’s calling to donate and stayed faithful to their calling. Mama Noel had stayed faithful in all the years when praying for provision. I simply wrote a blog.

The Lord’s plan for all of us came full circle as we all played our part to advance His kingdom and provide a new home to a family living on a hillside in Haiti.

a very excited Marantha sitting on her new bed


With all the donations, I was able to provide a practical sized house furnished with bunk beds and a new kitchen table. The front yard overlooks the ocean and the now children have a short walk to school. The backyard is a beautiful scene of the valley with a cement pad for cooking. They have 2 light bulbs to light their home at night and running water right outside their front door.

backyard view

Across the valley you can still see where their old shack sits. I think we can all keep it as a reminder of what has passed and be reminded by the purple house of all the good to come.

view of the new house and if you look closely you can see their old brown shack to the left of the house on the opposite valley

As I snapped photos of the kids on their new beds and helped mom bring in their belongings, it was one of those unexplainable “good” feelings ya get when you know you’re part of something good. I see the Lord smiling down on that small home setting on the hillside.

moving day!

Sonson, age 11, with his very first bed to sleep on


As I drove to school today, I waved all excitedly at momma who was busy gardening and setting up her plants on her porch. It was a simple wave, a simple moment, something I will probably do everyday as I ride up the mountaintop, but man it was a joyous moment and blessed thing to see.


I personally want to thank everyone who listened to God’s call to donate to this project. I want to thank everyone who has also prayed for momma Noel and myself after the loss of her baby close to a month ago. We’ve come a long way and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you supporters.

Nachka says thank you too!

To God be the glory.