vacation is over!

by Kayla Raymond

After a long September preparing for school and a successful first month of school, Webert and I had a chance to take a mini vacation this past weekend to the Dominican Republic. Last Thursday and Friday were a holiday in Haiti, so we decided to get away and visit friends. It was Webert’s first time out of the country, so it was exciting to travel together too.

Sunday at the beach

We got to take naps everyday, played with monkeys and went zip-lining on Saturday and I got to enjoy a sermon in English on Sunday. Although it rained quite a bit, the weather and country was beautiful. We sure did miss our boys though, who survived the week-end with my dad.

We got back home last night around 9:30 p.m. after being stuck in a traffic jam in Port-au-Prince for close to two hours. I expected today to be a recovery day. Catch up with things at work, start some laundry and visit with my village kids. Of course, there is no such thing!

On my way to work, my expecting ViBella lady jumped out of the bush at me telling me frantically she was in labor. I had promised her that I would be her transportation to the hospital when the time came, so I rushed through morning devotions with the rest of the ViBella ladies and headed to the closest hospital.

Around 2 this afternoon, our first ViBella baby girl was born! She doesn’t have a name yet, but I was lucky enough to carry her out of the hospital and bring the baby home!

newborn ViBella baby arrives home!

So, vacation is over and back to the hectic schedule of Haitian life!


Love from Haiti.