meet Ismael

by Kayla Raymond

A three and a half pound miracle entered our world a week and a half ago. From the very beginning the pregnancy was high risk: mother having had 4 previous miscarriages and one premature infant death. I remember her sharing her story with me on a warm fall day, after just realizing she was pregnant. She shared with me how badly she wished for not only a healthy baby, but for a baby girl. I walked alongside the momma for the eight months, rubbing her belly every time I saw her in passing. Saying a little prayer as my hands traced the makings of a miracle. At eight months pregnant, mother Bebe gave birth to her first daughter, Ismael, the first baby girl in a family of three boys.

The tiniest baby I have ever seen, almost seemed fake as I stroked her tiny fingers that first day. When I asked the mother what she needed the most, her response was a basket to carry her in because she was too small to handle and carry around.

This past Saturday I went to a local artist, who makes all sorts of baskets out of dried banana leaves. I asked for a basket to carry a four pound baby in and when I went to pick up my order today I was so excited! Baby Ismael now has a bed fit just for her. How precious is that?


World meet Ismael. Ismael meet world.