the small things

by Kayla Raymond

ViBella is growing! Last week, Julie Hulstein, the founder of ViBella, visited Haiti and we started a new sewing project.


The project is going to focus on giving jobs to young women, who are transitioning out of orphanages. The job will start part-time, but is an amazing opportunity because when the time comes for a child to transition out of an orphanage it can be difficult for them to find jobs.

The center in Simonette has hired one lady, Viola, from the community and she will be working with five girls from Tytoo Gardens (orphanage in Simonette I work and partner with). Viola has a degree in sewing and is very excited to have her first official job, but is also excited to teach others how to sew.

Nephtalie, Louchemie, Christela, Marie Carmen, Lorca and Micamia (the five girls from Tytoo) had their first official day of work this past Monday. They will be working on small fabric flowers and small gift bags for the jewelry.


This past Monday, we had twelve Haitian women hard at work and it was such an amazing sight to see. We were all working on the outside porch, and as I scanned the scene, all I could see was hope.

Hope for a better future as the girls begin to face a lot of change in their lives during this transition period. Hope for Viola as she begins her first full-time job. Hope for other women in Haiti, that they one day could have a job, too.

In America, even in the hard economic times, we see opportunities on every corner. Here in Haiti, not so much. But, I know that when people pass by our center they can see hope shining down from our porch.  Hope for a better Haiti. Hope for a better life. (Not only are we giving jobs to people in the community, but ViBella also gives back $1.00 to the community for each piece sold.)Image

For right now, we are starting the sewing project small. Viola is starting part-time, working 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Tytoo girls are going to be working every Monday for the next month, and after a month we will be evaluating them and possibly offering them more days a week to work.


Julie believes that when we are obedient and attentive in the small things, the Lord will bless and reward us with the big things. I completely agree. The Lord stands faithful and will always provide for our needs when we stay obedient to His word and plan; Vibella is proof.

How can you pray for ViBella today? Pray for the young girls of Tytoo. Pray their transitioning phase into the community goes slowly. Pray for their new job. Pray for Viola. Pray she stays diligent in her job and can be a great role model to the younger girls. Pray for the ViBella artists, that God blesses all of their hands, minds and hearts.