the shoe fits

by Kayla Raymond

To start this blog, I just want to thank all of my blog followers. I have been blown away by the support I have received through this little tool. Not only is it encouraging to know I have so many people behind me, but I know when I even have the smallest prayer request it will be fulfilled through this blog.

So, today I have exciting news to tell you. The Lord heard our prayers and Magdela has officially been put into Tytoo orphanage. She officially has a bed to sleep on and a place where she will eat three times a day, have a bath and be able to go to school. We bathed her and put on a pretty pink dress, and her purple sandals fit perfectly.

Not only did we admit Magdela today, but we also admitted a 12-year-old named Merline. Merline has been the sole provider for Magdela, due to that fact that Magdela’s mother is deceased and her father is blind. She became emotionally upset as we were taking Magdela, so I really felt like I had no other choice but to ask Esther for permission to admit her, too.

As we assessed the two girls, we found out that Merline has never set foot in a school. In her 12 years, she has never had an opportunity to receive an education, but has instead been forced to provide for a baby and work in the markets. She is a cousin to Magdela, deserted by her own two parents, who live hours away. She says she cannot remember the last time she has seen them.

Although she doesn’t know how to write her name nor does she probably know 2+2, I can see in her eyes that she has a heart of gold. She is caring and seems very mature for her age. Her eyes lit up when we told her she will be able to start school in a month.

We also asked her if she knew who Jesus Christ is. She took a few moments to answer, but her answer was no. She has never been to church. Esther, with her amazing grace and love she has for the children, told Merline she will tell her all about her Heavenly Father when she becomes more comfortable. She described Him as “someone who loves you very much and knows everything about you.”


“it’s an amazing thing,” she stated.

And, indeed it is. Amazing indeed.

Thank you for all your prayers for little Magdela. Tonight she will be safe and sound within the walls of a wonderful orphanage. Hope is in their future now, and I’m so glad I get to share it with them.