a little warrior

by Kayla Raymond


I met Job a year ago. Tiny arms, tiny legs, tiny everything. He was the most malnourished boy I had ever met and he had fallen into the care of my family, having come from Good Samaritan’s orphanage (orphanage where Jeffte and Matthew were rescued from and an awful place).


It took him a few days before he finally started to laugh. He had a high-pitched whimpering whine but big brown eyes that can break anyone’s heart. Three of my best friends were visiting me when we received Job and I think they would all agree that Job is a warrior. Having been through hell, he’s survived days without food and conditions I can’t even find the words to describe.


A year ago we placed Job into a well-run orphanage with hopes for a better future for a well-deserving boy. Unfortunately his weak immune system has kept him from progressing. He continues to fight, but as I held his fragile, extremely tiny body in the hospital today I don’t know how he continues to survive. He has been diagnosed with tuberculosis and also has pneumonia. On top of this he has absolutely no reserve because of his severe malnutrition.


I wrapped my fingers around his wrists and ankles and they are no bigger than the circumference of a nickel. At four-years-old, he weighs less than twenty pounds. I stared long and hard into those dark brown eyes to find some light. He clings his little arm around my shoulder and my heart shatters, but I know he’s a warrior even if his stature doesn’t show that.


So tonight, I’m asking for prayers for Job. Pray his body can fight off the pneumonia. Pray his lungs will gain strength and the infection will be cured. Pray the tuberculosis treatment will be effective, which takes a total of six months. Pray for direction and guidance for the people who are to make the decisions about Job’s future. Pray that the Lord will just lay His mighty hand on this fragile body and cure him from the illness he is enduring.

Job a year ago, he is smaller and weaker today if you can imagine