Let it rain

by Kayla Raymond




Things are changing for us at our ViBella center.
New spring and summer designs have come flooding in. New colors, new ideas, new things to keep us busy. But not just our designs are changing, so is our team!

I’ve had the honor of hiring two new ladies and this past week was their first week! Let me I introduce you to them:

Fredane is a mother of three beautiful girls. She has been searching for a job for numerous years now and we are an answer to her prayers. Welcome Fredane, our newest jewelry maker.

And now, Felland, mother of three also: one boy and two girls. Although Felland will not be making jewelry, she has also been in desperate need for a job for quite some time now so I kind of “created” a job for her. She will be working part time helping to clean the center and cut plastic.

I can already tell these two women are going to be amazing additions. Fredane has caught on quickly to many of our jewelry-making techniques and Fellard appears to be a neat freak, which is exactly what I need!

Today as a worship CD played in the background of our work, everyone was pretty concentrated on their job before them. I walked into the other room to grab something I needed for the bracelets I was finishing, and there was Felland: one hand holding a mop and the other hand raised, worshiping right along to the song.

I couldn’t help but join right in. Up until that moment I only heard music in the background, but Felland led us all to worship and we sang along to “Let it Rain.”

Yeah, things are changing…and life was beautiful here for us today in our little center.

Let it rain
Open the floodgates of Heaven
And let it rain
Open the floodgates of Heaven
And let it rain

Pictured below: above is Fellard and under is Fredane.