Tytoo Bus Challenge

by Kayla Raymond

We all knew the day would come sooner than later, but unfortunately it came too soon. The Tytoo canter, the piece of transportation that makes Tytoo Gardens Orphanage run, has officially died. The canter is used for transporting the kids to and from church and other activities; used for shopping at the local market to buy all the groceries; used for transportation for teams who come to work and stay at Tytoo; and is used to run all the other errands that need to be done to allow the orphanage to operate. Without the canter, it is nearly impossible to do daily operations without there being a loaded amount of stress and hassle.


Today, I’m launching a ViBella Fundraiser to help raise money for a new vehicle for Tytoo. The ViBella center that I manage is in the same village as the orphanage, so this fundraiser will not only help us raise money, but will keep my 8 full-time employees working!


How does it work?

1.) Go to www.vibellajewelry.com

2.) Shop all of the great new styles that just came out (Don’t forget Mother’s Day and Graduation is coming up :))

3.) When checking out, include TYTOO BUS in your special instructions in order for all credit to be received for this project.

4.) Share this event with all your friends and family to ensure a successful fundraiser!


Don’t need any jewelry, but would like to donate to this cause?

Send a check to :

Touch of Hope

205 Old Mill Lane

Rock Rapids, Iowa 51246

memo: Tytoo Bus


Thanks for the support!

Be blessed.

Love from Haiti.