Operation Chicken Coop

by Kayla Raymond


 Over spring break in March, a chicken coop was built in the mountaintop by the school. I had been envisioning this dream for a long time and I am excited things are finally in full swing!


My brother, his friend, a cousin and uncle of mine all made this vision of mine come true. They raised the funds and built the coop while visiting in March and this past Friday we were finally able to buy the chickens! (We bought them full-grown so they have already started laying eggs and this morning, in fact, we enjoyed our own eggs for the first time!)

Teams of two were put together (14 teenage boys total), each team having a designated day to care for the chickens and gather the eggs. We have also hired a man who will oversee the project and make sure everything is taken care of properly. Out of this project, I hope to teach the boys responsibility and provide a small salary with the eggs that we sell. Also, each boy will be able to gather 6 eggs for his family on the day that he works to provide for his family. We are starting small, but I hope and see this being a project that can grow and effect a lot of the young boys in our school.

group meeting with all the boys

group meeting with all the boys

a happy Chrisanto with a new chicken

a happy Chrisanto with a new chicken

To become involved with Operation Chicken Coop, donate $10 to allow us to buy more chickens and provide feed. (Each full-grown chicken costing $10).

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I’m thinking I may have to change my blog to Chickens, Eggs and Love now 😉


Love from Haiti.