meet Wishla

by Kayla Raymond

One of the greatest, yet scariest, things about life in Haiti is never knowing what can happen in your day. I am never surprised when my day is interrupted by women in labor, kids who need stitches, or random cattle making a road block on our one way road. Events that can make you laugh, be nervous, cry and rely solely on the power of prayer.

Today was a normal, busy day. We officially have 115 children registered in school after two days of registering. I’ve met an orphaned 16-year-old girl that sported no smile. Another 10-year-old being raised by her sister. Lots of moms telling their stories of raising 4, 5, 6, and 7 children in tents and small homes made of cement.

We take it all in. Find their number. Have them assessed. And go forward.

I wrapped up my busy day at Vi Bella and went to Tytoo afterwards and as I jumped out of the vehicle, Esther was yelling for me to come upstairs.

Meet Wishla.


I found Miss Wishla as I walked onto Esther’s porch this afternoon.

14-month-old Wishla weighs in at 8 pounds and shows signs of severe malnourishment and protein deficiency. Her belly protrudes showing symptoms of worms but her ribs are showing as she breathes in and out.

Both Wishla and her mother are Tuberculosis survivors and mom is HIV positive. We will be doing further testing on the babe to see if she is positive also. She looks like a newborn, but shows signs of strength, life and joy.


We have admitted Wishla into the Rescue program at Tytoo. The Rescue program is in place to take in children who are severely sick and weak, just like Wishla. Unfortunately our funds for this program are not abundant and tonight I want to give all of you an opportunity to help save a life and possible many more lives in the future.

Children in these types of circumstances are fragile and require special attention, medicine and treatment. We are committed to helping children such as these, but our fear is having to turn them away if funds are not in place.

Tonight as I worshiped in church and came face to face with our Creator I was sweaty, exhausted and dirty. My feet were covered in dirt and I was embarrassed I hadn’t washed my feet before church, but the image that came to mind was Him washing me clean. And washing Wishla clean of her illnesses and giving her new life.

New hope.

Help us provide hope to Wishla by donating to Touch of Hope today and allowing our dreams of a Rescue program come true.