What I Believe

by Kayla Raymond

Lots of things of things are happening down here and life seems a little out of control. Lots of changes are taking place and lots of things need to happen. I send up lots of prayers through my day, but most of the time they sound more or less like a plead for help.

Most of all, a lot of the decisions we are making both at the school and at the orphanage involve lives and that’s where things get hard. I have a hard time believing how God trusts me enough to make these decisions. I have a hard time trying to figure out why he would give me so much to handle. But, we are handling it all one day at a time.

Yesterday afternoon, exhausted, Esther (wife of Frank King and an amazing woman who is running Tytoo Gardens orphanage), Taunya (new member of our team at Tytoo who moved here last month and will be in charge of the children’s care at Tytoo) and myself were sitting in the clinic after a full day of school registration, clinic, errand running, child care and sick babies. We were talking out some of our frustrations and discussing some things that need to happen. We are not afraid to admit that over the course of the past 6 months to a year the care for the children has gotten lack. It is time for new schedules, new equipment, new mommies and new training. All things that take time and money. So, we are in the process of making these changes…

But in the meantime, we have admitted Wishla (baby girl I wrote about in my previous blog); we have been monitoring a set of newborn twins who are struggling to survive; we have admitted a 15-year-old malnourished, pregnant and orphaned girl; we have handed out boxes and boxes of convoy to hungry people; we have turned multiple other children away who are trying to be “dropped off” by their caretakers; and as human beings we have had our weak moments, broken down and cried. We are trying our hardest.

Every time I pull up to Tytoo’s gates there are almost always people sitting outside looking for something or waiting to be seen. Esther and Frank are amazing people, who deal with the unexpected 24/7 and are forced to make hard decisions all the time.

When I started my blog I never expected it to be a place where I ask for money, but it seems as though it has become an outlet for me to reach out to all my followers for just that. And, just so you all know, you have always risen to the occasion and amazed me and blessed me with your support and gifts. But, before I rattle off all our needs and all the things we have said “if only we had money to do that” I want to share with you What I Believe in first.

I want you to know my thought process, my desires for the people I serve and my viewpoint of money. So, here it is…

– First and foremost, I believe in God. I believe I have been saved through Jesus Christ’s death, that He rose on the third day and through Him I will be able to receive eternal life.

– I believe being a Christian requires sacrifice. I believe loving people requires sacrifice. I believe God has called me to serve in Haiti and love the Haitian people.

– I believe in the power of prayer.

– I believe in the people of Haiti. Take away logistics, illiteracy and poverty and you will find kind hearted people. Funny people. Strong and courageous people. People with dreams. I believe in their dreams.

– I believe educating children is the only way this country will see real change. I believe in Touch of Hope’s sponsorship program because it allows us to educate over 700 children (and who knows how many more hundreds in the years to come).

– I believe employing people is the only effective way to truly change families and lives. I do no believe in hand outs, but I do believe in gifts, when done with purpose and order.

– I believe in Vi Bella and creating beautiful lives by employing and empowering people with a job and new trade. I believe in my artists.

– I believe in Tytoo Gardens Children’s Foundation. I believe in all of our outreach programs. I believe in Esther and Frank. I believe that over time our community will see true change by what we are doing.

– I believe in the power of my blog. I only try to write when I feel like the Holy Spirit has placed something on my heart. I hope this blog can challenge people who are stuck in our mundane American culture. I hope this blog raises awareness for the poor and needy. I hope the Holy Spirit can speak through my words to you and challenge you to help me and the people I serve. I believe in you.

– Lastly, I believe in money (as shallow as that sounds). I believe when followers put their minds and hearts together to do something for the glory of God, money can impact so many lives. I believe there is power in giving. I have seen first hand how gifts can impact lives. With every donation, I believe lives can be changed.

So, that’s it. That’s my heart in a nutshell, even though most days it is a lot more complicated than a bulleted list of beliefs. In the days to come I am going to be writing some of our needs and things we need to fundraise for.

In the meantime will you just prayer for us?

To be continued…