Christmas is here

by Kayla Raymond

It’s finally Christmas week. And my heart is about to explode.

In the October Touch of Hope newsletter, we invited sponsors to send 20 extra dollars in order to give their child a Christmas gift. Enough money from sponsors came in that we will be handing out 150 gifts in the week to come.

Another donation of $500 was made so I chose to put it in the hands of my ViBella artists. Each morning at ViBella, we begin our day with a short devotion and prayer. Our devotions as of late have been about allowing others to see our light and love for God. The message boiling down that actions speak louder than words.

faith without actions is dead

So, instead of just praying and reading about this, I wanted to give this special group of people I call family a chance to serve outside of our work center. I told them about the donation and said they can choose how we use the money as long as it is spent blessing people.

So, today we purchased many different things that will pack into care packages and will be delivering these packages to patients in a Tuberculosis hospital in the week to come.

Webert and I have also had a calling to bring the community together for a celebration at the school on New Year’s Day. We will be having a worship service that will be led by multiple churches in the area and provide a meal for all those who join. A donation was made for bibles to be passed out at the service and today we purchased 180 bibles and we also have another 40 children bibles that were donated at an earlier time.

All of this is going to be happening in the next week and like I said, my heart is about to explode!

So will you please pray for these gifts? For the hands who will pack and deliver them? For the children and patients who will receive? And an overwhelming blessing on the ones who have given and will give?

Pray for the hundreds, possibly thousands, who will receive a meal on New Year’s Day. Pray for the planning as it will come together this week.

I hope to tell you stories full of joy, giving and miracles as all of these things unfold. But, as for today, we had a more than successful day buying all the gifts, supplies and bibles and this mama is just quite tired now!

So many good things to come, my friends. Stay tuned. I am also going to be writing soon to tell you about some plans which include five small blue tents and a chance for some real hope.

Merry Christmas from Haiti.